Sheet Music for songs!

I often get emails asking about how to play certain songs and so I made a few charts for some of the more popular songs off of GATHER and CITY MAKES THE MAN. The songs are Do Not Be Afraid and Gather and Beloved. You can find the charts HERE or go to the LISTEN page for each album and click on the LYRICS button. Thanks for sharing these songs...  

A conversation inside the Rabbit Room

To celebrate the release of GATHER I sat down with the very talented Drew Miller to hash out the making of this album and as he said, contemplating the re-writing of patterns. I hope you enjoy this sweet conversation! Enjoy the full conversation here!

Do Not Be Afraid Music Video Released!!

I'm so excited to release my first music video for a very important song... not only to me, but for our times today. I unexpectedly wrote this song on retreat in Siren, WI. while I was resting in the coming Advent season a couple years back and was struck by the strength and courage of Mary as she chose her response to the impending news of an unexpected birth. The angel spoke to her and she responded with leaning in and choosing to trust and not be afraid.... and that is my prayer with this song, in this time especially. I hope you enjoy it.... and please share with those who may find comfort in seeing it. Thanks!

Watch video here!


GATHER IN-Studio Music Video

Enjoy this new music video from inside the studio during the recording of the title track of GATHER. Featuring Paul Moak producing and playing electric guitar, Jeremy Lutito on drums, Charlie Lowell on keys, Kevin Whitsett and Matt Pearson on bass, and Jason Eskridge and Nicki Conley on bgvs. #ThisIsWhyWeGather


GATHER Released August 4th

My 11th Album has been released! It is available on iTunes as well as hard copies available on my store... and all streaming platforms as well! I encourage you to listen however is easiest for you... and please help spread the word about this collection of songs to your friends and community. I'm grateful for the years of support!! Write a review of GATHER on iTunes here as well!!